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Telling the story – Lapis Lazuli

This stunning blue stone – the word Lapis meaning stone and Lazuli which derives from the the Persian “Lazhward” meaning blue is also a universal symbol of wisdom and truth. It was beloved by the Egyptians and continues to be mined in Afghanistan from the same mine that has been in existence for 2000 years.

From the sky to the ocean blue is probably the most favourite colour which is also reflected in our wardrobes. My jewellery using Lapis Lazuli stones is as happy worn with denim as with silk.

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Telling the story – Ebony

Ebony is a dense hard wood, native to India, Sri Lanka, Indonesia and Western Africa, with an ancient history dating back to Egyptian tombs.You may be familiar with it in black chess set pieces and animal carvings. I bought the beads I have used here about 30 years ago! Worn now by gallery owner Annie Bowie and available on this site while there are still a few beads left.

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Telling the story – African trade beads

The wonderful links we make in life! My Czech homeland, my favourite city Venice, and Africa, the source of much of my inspiration all come together in African trade beads. The Millefiori beads, traded in Africa to help Gogo women care for orphans have their origins in Venetian and Czech glass. This necklace is made from them – wear with denim, indigo or white!