Following a successful career in the fashion industry, running an educational art centre and bringing up a family I am now focused on my jewellery making which is   The inspiration for the jewellery I create comes from my love of travel, the mysteries of the past coming alive and being constantly re invented. When I look at a stone I wonder who carved it from the rock, how many hands it has passed through in it’s cutting and carving and who has traded it.I find ancient African and Egyptian jewellery and artefacts particularly inspiring. My other source of inspiration is nature. I live in the midst of rolling hills and the lush green landscape of South Devon. I am surrounded by trees, plants and wildflowers many of which feature in my jewellery.

I have been designing jewellery for over 20 years, originally in association with jeweller and teacher John Russell.

Mostly I concentrate on silver and copper with semi-precious stones and glass. I particularly like unpolished Lapis Lazuli, Turquoise and Coral though many other stones feature. Some items are repeatable whilst others may be unique pieces due to component beads being no longer available. If you’d like to know more about the stones themselves please look at my “Telling the story”  in the “stories” link.

If you should happen to be in the Dartmouth Devon area you can see, try and buy my work at Coombe Gallery, 20 Foss St Dartmouth www.coombegallery.com or nearby just I mile outside the lovely village of Dittisham at Coombe Farm Studios  http://www.coombefarmstudios.com. If you are in the Totnes area my work is available at the Bowie Gallery at the top of the High St. http://www.thebowiegallery.co.uk/artists/tina-riley to see what’s available.